Our most common issues with the Death of Youth MOBILE WEB APP

—All subscriptions to the DOY APP will automatically renew (annually, every 6 months, and monthly).   We are fairly certain you will be a fan for life, but you don’t have to be… Go to: https://thedeathofyouth.findrow.com/subscription/cancel to cancel your subscription.  Just log in and follow the directions to manage your account.  Be sure to do so before your renewal date if you don’t want to be charged again.

—Having trouble logging into your Death of Youth APP account?  Make sure to turn off “Private Browsing”, that’s usually the culprit: http://osxdaily.com/2011/10/21/private-browsing-ipad-iphone-safari/

Also, make sure you are “allowing cookies” as we have found this to be an issue, especially in iOS6 for apple devices. For Android devices, some browser don’t always play nice with our mobile web app, so try a different browser and see it that helps.  We’ve found that Firefox works well and fixes the issues.

—If you did not receive an email confirmation when you signed up, you may have entered the wrong email address when you registered. Please let us know and we’ll be able to help you in no time.

—You can reset your password at https://thedeathofyouth.findrow.com/password/new

Other common questions:

"Hey there, I bought the App, and then I looked on my CC statement and there are two charges.  Why?"

Don’t worry, only one of those is actually a charge.  The other is a ‘token’ that the transaction system uses to validate your card and will disappear eventually and you will only be charged once.

"Are credit card transactions through the Death of Youth APP secure & encrypted?"

Yes! We use Stripe (https://stripe.com/help/security), who authenticates and encrypts your credit card information on the backend. Your credit card info actually never passes between our forms, but ALL data you pass between our pages (e.g. your name, email address, password, etc) are encrypted on as well for additional security. Just email us at thedeathofyouth@findrow.com if you have any additional questions.

"What does the ‘E’ next to certain girls names mean?"

That means she’s got images that are exclusive to the Death of Youth MOBILE WEB APP and have never been seen before…

"I don’t have a smartphone, will this work on my computer at home?"

Yes!  The Death of Youth APP is fully functional on desktop computers.


"I want to model for you."

I’m always looking for new women to photograph.  Email a picture or two and your contact info.  I’ll get in touch if/when I can make a shoot happen. Over 18 only please!

"How much does it cost to be photographed?"

The shoots are free.

"Where are you located?"


"How long do the shoots take?"

Usually 3 to 4 hours.  Best to leave most of the day free so we can hit as many locations as possible…